Established in 1978, Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (BARPCV) is a nonprofit, member-driven organization consisting of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who are committed to the values and spirit of the Peace Corps.


To unite and empower the Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteer community and friends through support, service, advocacy, and cross-cultural awareness and understanding.


  1. Foster and support the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer community of Greater Boston.

  2. Strengthen communities at home and abroad through service and small grants.

  3. Share stories with our fellow Americans about the peoples and cultures where we served and advocate for initiatives to advance cross-cultural understanding and support people around the world.

Organizational Structure

  • Board of Directors – Up to 18 members who provide direction and run many of the activities for the group. We are always looking for RPCVs who are interested in getting more involved, participate in events, and helping sustain and grow the group. To learn more, Contact the BARPCV Board.
  • Programs – Support one of BARPCV’s four guiding goals. Activities are run by board members, associate board members, or returned volunteers who wish to run projects they are interested in and which support BARPCV’s goals. (See BARPCV Programs for program descriptions.)
  • Media Relations – Maintains contact and relationships with local news media outlets (print, radio, television) to advertise BARPCV events.
  • Newsletter – Publishes newsletters throughout the year, reporting on BARPCV activities, international news, and issues of concern for returned volunteers.
  • Bulletin – Publishes monthly e-postcard eBulletin of activities for members.
  • Web Site – Maintains https://barpcv.peacecorpsconnect.org.
  • Fundraising – Develops new fundraising projects and identifies sources of funds to support BARPCV initiatives and projects.
  • Membership – Maintains membership database, produces our Annual Membership Directory, provides mailing labels for other committees to promote events, manages emailings to members, supports activity heads in increasing member involvement, manages the member renewal process, works with NPCA on membership issues, hosts a party or two a year, and generally tries to help out where it can. To help out with this committee or to share ideas on how to increase membership without turning us into telemarketers, Contact Us.
  • Regional Groups – Regional groups throughout the US  put on local events for members, using the BARPCV non-profit organization umbrella. BARPCV supports these groups through publicity to RPCVs, mailings, and information sharing.
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