Photo Contest 2024

Submit photographs in 2024!

Dig out your Peace Corps photos.

Enjoy your walk down memory lane.

Then, select your 3 favorites and …

Enter them into this year’s Photo Contest


Deadline October 1, 2024

Congratulations to Chelsea Gaylord, this year’s contest winner!

In 2023, ten BARPCV members shared memories of their years of service by submitting 27 photos for our consideration. Years of service spanned from 1969 through 2020 and covered five continents. The board winnowed the field down to ten finalists. Those beautiful pictures were displayed during the month of December at Simon’s Coffee Shop in Cambridge for all to see and admire. Voting was online with 140 votes submitted.  BARPCV general membership was sent a link to the contest but voting was also open to Simon’s customers. Prizes: $100 for first place, $50 for second place. Both winning photos were taken by Chelsea in Uganda 2015 – 2017.

First place:  Bubbles                                                                                                   Runner Up:  Leader


Your BARPCV board will winnow the entries down to their top 10 which will be displayed in

Simon’s Coffee Shop in Cambridge, MA

Voting will be open for the month of November 2024

First Prize is $100, Runner-up gets $50.

Quetions?  [email protected]

The first and second place winners receive a cash price and the top ten photographs will be displayed in Simon’s Coffee Shop in Cambridge, MA. Please provide a description and title for each photograph you submit.

All applicants need to register with BARPCV (and/or NPCA)and use that email address/password to login for the submission page.

The Information we need for each image includes

Country and Year of Service:

Photo resolution should be sized for printing at  16×20 or 12×18.  We accept up to three submissions per person.  Photos must be from USPC Countries of Service.

Please send an email to [email protected] for more details and the submission form.

Winners 2022!

First Place:

Adventure is Out There by Melanie Witman 2015-2017

Santa Catalina, Paraguay


Second Place:

Strong Women Raise Strong Girls by Samantha Kunz 2018-20 Mambiya,


Honorable Mention

W. Dennis Grubb

Colombia 1961-1963 Zipacon, Colombia


Morning, Ceruunee’s ger-Mongolia
by Andrew Cullen

Mountain Guides-Kyrgyzstan
by Kathryn Hulick Gargolinski

Untitled- Fiji
by Mary Ackley

Fishermen on the Casamance River -Senegal
by John Hand


Wedding Ceremony-Burkina Faso
by Leslie Shages

Four Boys on a Horse- Mongolia
by Judy Gates

Custom Dance1


by Marcus Rennick

Young boy watches Eagle Festival from a unique vantage point- Mongolia
by Sunaree Marshall

Mountain Fram-Nicaragua
by John Kuehnle


Cultural Activities

Kukeri Festival-Bulgaria
by Christian McConnell

Reading In Khurbetsoana-Lesotho
by Jane Hale

Colombian Farmer-Colombia
by Martin Acevedo

Weyboro I go duru
(Women pounding)-Niger
by Christopher Miller

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