Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

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2010 Annual Meeting & Brunch

BARPCV Annual Meeting & Brunch
Meet other BARPCV members, socialize and learn about what the BARPCV has been up to this past year and how we'll be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps!
Buffet style brunch will be served

International Day of Peace

This year the Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (BARPCV) would like for you to join them in supporting the International Day of Peace. The International Day of Peace (also known as World Peace Day), occurs annually on September 21st. The day is dedicated to peace and promoting ceasefires in active combat zones. Please show your support of ceasefires across the world, by changing your Facebook profile image to our peace flag and by taking a break for a moment of silence at noon time in your time zone. To download the image, visit our facebook page here.


After the Welcome Back - Send Off Celebration, join us for a BARPCV TGIF at:


45 Mount Auburn Street

Cambridge, MA

Welcome Back-Send Off Celebration

Join us for an evening of reflection and celebration as the BARPCV and New England Regional Peace Corps Office welcome Volunteers recently returning from two years of service and nominees about to embark on their journeys. The bi-annual Welcome Back-Send Off celebration is an opportunity for new, old and prospective volunteers of all ages to to connect, reflect and give advice on what lies ahead. All are welcome to attend! Refreshments will be served.


Upcoming Events

  • Oct 26 2018 - 6:00pm

Member Spotlight

"...they're filling an immediate need of providing medical care to people who have few other options if any." more