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A Towering Task: Peace Corps Documentary

As a community, we now have the unique opportunity to fund a world-class documentary that will help reignite Peace Corps's purpose and sense of community, as well as pave the way toward a more peaceful world. A Towering Task is the first comprehensive Peace Corps documentary to address some of today’s toughest questions that we face on a global scale.

Imagine what the world could look like if the voices of tolerance and understanding could drown out the voices of fear and hate. As you probably know, the Peace Corps community - over 220,000 strong - could be one of the most powerful resources our nation has. But it is currently untapped, and many voices go unheard.

Peace Corps Week 2016

Feb 28 2016 (All day) - Mar 5 2016 (All day)

Peace Corps Week celebrates President Kennedy’s establishment of the Peace Corps on March 1, 1961. This year's theme is Highlighting Happiness: What Does Joy Look Like in My Peace Corps Country?

Activities includes a video challenge, a group challenge and video chats.

Read more on the Peace Corps website...

Peace Corps Funded at Highest Level Ever!

National Peace Corps Association | December 18, 2015

President Obama has signed into law a bill that includes the largest Peace Corps budget ever.




Support House Bill 2384

An act authorizing certain public employees creditable retirement service

The Massachusetts Legislature recently heard House Bill 2384, An Act relative to certain public employees’ creditable retirement service, filed by Representative Jim O’Day. This bill would allow all state employees to buy-back up to four years of service spent in the Peace Corps or similar service organizations and credit those years towards retirement.

Help us Fund Peace Corps

Urge Congress to fully fund the Peace Corps' FY16 budget

12/19/15 UPDATE: The Peace Corps has been funded at the highest level ever! Read more...

Congress wants to level-fund Peace Corps. With applications doubled since 2013, 20 new countries requesting more Peace Corps Volunteers, and crucial programming like girls and women empowerment, level funding won't cut it. Please urge Congress to prioritize fully funding the Peace Corps.

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