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Book Club - Strange Borderlands

Apr 20 2017 - 7:00pm

The book for April is Strange Borderlands, by Ben Berman.

Strange Borderlands is a book of poetry by Ben Berman, RPCV, Zimbabwe. It counterpoises insights with uncertainties while chronicling the poet's immersion in a new culture. Berman provides a vivid narrative of exotic adventures, the people, the land, and his "struggling with the blurred lines of where things end" on his return home. Ben Berman will join us this evening.

We will meet on Thursday, April 20th at the home of Barbara Scott Nelson. Please email her at if you plan to attend so she can organize the food.

Can't make it this month? Read the next book and join us in May!

Skill Transfer Workshop

BARPCV is developing a Skills Transfer Workshop Series to help members develop skills for everyday life or professional settings, bring BARPCV members together to form new friendships or professional connections, and to raise funds for BARPCV activities and grant programs!

Do you have a skill to share or is there something in particular you want to learn? Fill out this brief survey.

Stay tuned for more information!

BARPCV Storytelling Night

Do you have a story to tell from your service? BARPCV would like to organize a night of storytelling (similar to the podcast ‘The Moth’). If you have a brief story you would be interested in sharing at this event, please let us know!

Right now we are soliciting interest/participation.

Contact Rose at with any questions.

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