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It’s time to renew your membership for 2013. As you know last year we migrated to a membership year that is in line with the calendar year. This will help us to budget for the year and plan accordingly for fantastic membership events.
"Have you been trying to track down that RPCV you met at the new members’ party, but forgot their last name? Have you been wondering if there are any Moldova RPCVS in Boston? Do you want to get some advice from an RPCV in the field you are pursing?"   Well, the membership directory will help you do that!
If you renew your membership by February 15th (and you opt in) you will be included in the directory. The directory will be sent out to members who opt in on March 1st.

If you have moved in the last couple years, please update your contact information and occupation area, so the directory can be as accurate as possible. Also, be sure to indicate your interests in the renew form, so we can best connect you with BARPCV activities/events.

Your membership supports BARPCV programs and strengthens the RPCV community in the greater Boston region.  We hope to see you at upcoming events soon!


Contact Preference: 


Type of Membership: 

Single membership: $20 USD

*Two in one membership: $25 USD

Single with NPCA membership: $55 USD

Returned within the last year and currently serving: first year membership is free


*Note: for household memberships, please complete this form using the contact information for one person.  You will have the opportunity to enter the information for the second person at the very end of this process (there will be a link on the "Thank You" page).

Country of service 1: 

Years of Service 1:       (What years did you serve) 

Country of Service 2: 

Years of Service 2:       (What years did you serve)

Country of Service 3: 

Years of Service 3:       (What years did you serve)

Peace Corps Program Sector: To choose more than one option on lists, please hold down the control button  

Interests: To choose more than one option on lists, please hold down the control button 

Membership Directory Opt-In:


*The membership directory is a directory of BARPCV members.  If you choose to opt-in we will include your name, country/years of service and email in the directory.  The directory is only available to BARPCV members.



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