Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Marathon Monday 2014!

Apr 21 2014 - 8:00am - 5:00pm

****Another chance to volunteer for the Boston Marathon 2014! There are a limited number of open spots for BARPCV members who volunteered last year. Register today! 


1. Post-deadline applicants should register here.
2. Select ‘Returning’ Volunteer - this post-deadline application is only for those who volunteered last year. 
Returning Volunteers: You need your Volunteer Loyalty Number and zip code. This
information will be emailed to you on December 9, 2013. There is also a VLN look-up on
the application.
3. Complete the personal information.
4. Group Status: Select “yes” next to “I have been given a group name and a pass code
and would like to join a group.”
5. Find the group name in the drop down list and type the pass code given to you by your
group leader.

Group Name: Peace Corps
Pass code: Kennedy
6. Complete the remainder of the application and make note of the on-screen confirmation
number. Seeing the on-screen confirmation is indication that you have successfully
completed the online application. 


Any questions, please contact Abigail at



By Anna - Posted on 18 December 2013

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