Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Cheer on the BARPCV softball team, June 18

Jun 18 2012 - 6:00pm

Cheer on your friends at BARPCV...

June 18th at 6PM game at Hoyt Field, Gilmore Street in Cambridge

From Harvard Sq take the Redline and get off at Central Square and walk on Western Ave toward the water (see map)

Upcoming games...

Mon 6/25/2012    8:00 PM    Hoyt
Wed 7/11/2012    6:00 PM    Danehy #2
Mon 7/16/2012    8:00 PM    Hoyt
Mon 7/23/2012    6:00 PM    Hoyt
Wed 8/1/2012    6:00 PM    Danehy #2



Hoyt Field
Gilmore Street
Cambridge, MA
United States

By Anna - Posted on 10 May 2012


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