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May 1 2011 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

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Tips on creating a storyboard


If you have always wanted to put together your Peace Corps photos or video clips into a nice slideshow or short film but didn't know where to start, this is your chance! You can create your movie or slideshow to submit for the BARPCV VIDEO CONTEST! (Slideshow entries will be accepted)




By Ian McClellan
            A storyboard is your game plan for how you are going to tell the story of your movie. It can be almost anything, from a written outline or your trip journal to a series of photographs or actually drawing the shots you want to use. Martin Scorsese is rumored to hand draw every shot he is going to shoot in his movies before going into production.
            Start by thinking about what the story is that you want to tell. It can be an autobiography, the story of your trip, or even something as simple as a series of pictures. A travel story might be the chronology of your trip that you want to share with friends and family.           
            Take a couple minutes to think about your trip and what about it was important or special to you. If you want, write these down.  You also might want to take a look at your media and start to think of how different shots work for your story.   You can take notes, like “Lions at 2 minutes in are very playful…” This is the start of your storyboard.
            As you write down your story ideas or make notes of interesting shots hopefully the skeleton of your movie will start to emerge. If you know you like three clips of video that you took, what other shots would you need to pull them together into a coherent narrative? For a photo tour that you are showing chronologically, once you start to look at your favorite pictures what other photos will enhance them? You want to fill out a viewer’s understanding of what they are looking at or what you like about your selection.
Other important parts of a movie are music and titles. Is there music that would really bring the feeling of what you want to convey across? Titles are a little more literal. For something like showing a specific city it helps people unfamiliar with where you’ve been to see a written description of where it is. This might lead to some fact checking to get accurate names and spelling for when you are writing titles.
            Finally, have fun with it! People love to watch movies and they can be fun to make too. Which are your beautiful shots? Funny moments? Favorite people from the trip? People want to see what you are interested in and respond strongly to personal anecdotes and interesting images.

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By Anna - Posted on 27 March 2011

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