Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

March 2009

Fight poverty and climate change in your community – join the Oxfam Action Corps

Concerned about poverty and hunger on a global scale, but not sure how to take make a difference at the local level? The Oxfam Action Corps provides a way to change the big picture, starting with your local community, and we’re looking for committed people from your area to join today! The Oxfam Action Corps is a group of dedicated volunteers in more than a dozen US cities who campaign with Oxfam in their neighborhoods, at town events, and concerts. Anyone can join! In addition, two volunteers from each city will come to Washington DC for an Oxfam training in advocacy and organizing. To sign up, go to: The deadline to apply is Saturday, March 14.

Two Upcoming Career Events!

Online RPCV Career Workshop: Noncompetitive Eligibility Wednesday, April 8, 2009, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm (EDT) The federal government is hiring 200,000 employees in the next few years. RPCVs should be pleased to know that the job application process for some federal vacancies may be quick and easy. Under the provisions of an Executive Order, Peace Corps Volunteers who complete service are awarded one year of non-competitive eligibility (NCE) for federal employment, which greatly simplifies the federal hiring process for an applicant who meets the minimum qualifications for the position. Hear about how NCE works and how you can use this special hiring authority to gain employment at any of the competitive service federal agencies.


While BARPCV is not currently focused on an advocacy issue, past issues have included:
Clean Water (10/2008 – 05/2010) Clean water is of central importance, to which many RPCVs can attest. Access not only limits the spread of disease, but is central to proper nutrition and daily functioning. Many families travel long distances to wait in endless lines for clean, potable water, though access to clean water is often thought to be a basic human right.

Upcoming Events

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