Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

September 2008


The 2012 Annual Report is an overview of activities from the past year.


The Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (BARPCV) is a non-profit organization with about 400 members concentrated in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. BARPCV seeks to connect with and support returned and prospective volunteers and to carry out the third goal of the Peace Corps, as stated in the 1961 Peace Corps Act: "To promote a better understanding of other people on the part of American people." BARPCV welcomes prospective, current and returned volunteers to our site.


BARPCV Fundraising

BARPCV's Fundraising Committee links BARPCV with RPCVs and with current volunteers to support projects domestically and internationally in economic development, community support, and environmental areas. Click here for details on our activities, to learn how to give, or to learn how to get! To help out or if you have any great fundraising ideas, please contact Christine Claypoole at

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BARPCV Members Receive :

  • Monthly E-bulletin with upcoming events and latest news
  • Membership directory providing contact for RPCVs in the Boston area
  • Invitations to social events with RPCVs, family and friends
  • Members-only career networking events
  • Opportunity to volunteer through community service (including annual Boston Marathon!)
  • Access to join BARPCV sports teams
  • Free admission to special events (like our Annual Meeting!)
  • Eligibility to apply for community grant awards

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Community Programs

BARPCV supports member involvement in our local communities. Click below for further information on activities. If you have other activities you'd like to get BARCPV involved with, please contact us at

Community Service Continue the volunteer experience with BARPCV! We volunteer several times a year with the Red Cross Food Pantry in Boston, annually at the Boston Marathon and from time to time with other organizations. To learn more, email us at

Speakers Bureau Speak about your Peace Corps experience at schools and other locations. Click to learn how to request a speaker or to be a speaker.

Career Services

BARPCV Career Networking Support.  The BARPCV Careers Committee leverages the greater Boston RPCV community to support former and current volunteers seeking resources and events that promote career counseling, networking, and informational interview opportunities for personal growth and fulfilling employment.  Please join the BARPCV professional networking community on LinkedIn.

Book Club

The BARPCV Book Group is an informal group of RPCVs and friends that meet on a monthly basis to discuss books that provoke thought, pathos, laughter and good conversation. The group's eclectic readings cover a wide spectrum of fiction and non-fiction works, local and international authors and reflect the broad taste and experience of the group members. In addition to reading and discussing books, the group has also done a play reading and gone to the movies to see film versions of past best sellers. This current book group iteration has been meeting since 1995 and usually includes 6-10 people each month. The monthly meetings take place on a weekday night at members' homes or occasionally at a local restaurant. Participants bring their perspectives and refreshments to share.


BARPCV Members receive the full PeaceMail by regular mail; selected articles are posted here for general viewing. If you have ideas or submissions for Peacemail, or just want to know more about our award-winning newsletter, please email Jacque Caglia ( or Noel Palatas (

Recent Articles

Zoot's View: Whether to Return by Larissa Zoot, Honduras 93-95

Apply for a Community Grant

Giving Philosophy   

Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (BARPCV) is an independent non-profit organization. As part of our mission of supporting Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, we fund community grants twice annually, in the spring and fall. We strive to increase participation in our communities, and to address needs and opportunities consistent with our members’ values. 

Funding: Grants are one time for up to 500 USD. 

Eligibility: Small grants are available to all members of BARPCV. 

Past Award Recipients Include:


Member Spotlight

"I had to look at someone’s face and subtract 35 years and see if I could figure out who they were. " more